Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Special Evening to Celebrate International Women’s Day

On Friday, 8th of March, the entire world would be celebrating International Women's Day. In the early twentieth century, when Czar was abdicated, provisional government of Russia granted women the right to vote on 8th of March. That historic Sunday came to be celebrated as International Women's Day throughout the world over a period of time. This day is celebrated to stress on the importance of women and their contribution towards peace and progress of the society. Spices and Sauces, a multi-cuisine restaurant, has planned a great event on this occasion and invites all ladies to be a part of it. It is its own way of acknowledging the immense contribution of women and their role in social and economic development of India.
This magnificent fine dining restaurant is located on the first level of Hotel United-21 of Thane. Its name, 'Spices and Sauces', is inspired from a variety of herbs and spices that are used in Indian, Oriental and Continental cuisines served in it. They are not only used to enhance the aroma of food, but also give certain medicinal qualities to all cuisines. Also, various sauces that are enjoyed along with different types of food preparations bring loads of excitement to the diners. The ladies can enjoy their choice of food and beverages at a discount of 30% discount on their entire bill. This is special offer on the occasion of cherishing in their memories.
Many interesting events are held at the Spices and Sauces restaurant in Hotel United-21 every year. They are wonderful occasions for members and their close friends or family to have a great evening filled with plenty of fun and excitement. Special arrangements have been made in this restaurant on International Women’s Day for welcoming all the ladies. Every member of the restaurant staff is confident that they would make this day memorable for all women who would be present on this day. They have successfully held many such events in the past, which also got a great response from members. Every occasion that is celebrated in Spices and Sauces Restaurant is made highly creative and enjoyable by the restaurant staff. They have also put in tremendous efforts for this special day to make sure that ladies have an excellent time.
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