Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dine In The Luxurious Ambience Of a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

People in cities often wish to eat out during their weekends or some special occasions. For a memorable dining experience, it is essential to have the right kind of ambience in a restaurant, besides a wide range of delicacies. A multi cuisine restaurant in Thane not only sets a perfect mood for dining with its plush interiors, but also offers some of the most delicious cuisines on its menu for the patrons to choose from.

Malai Gobi at Spices and Sauces
Such restaurants have specialist chefs for preparing each of these cuisines. As a result, both locals and tourists visiting such restaurants can get to enjoy authentic dishes made with a great deal of attention. Thane city has its best multi-cuisine restaurants in the elegant hotels that are well-equipped with all the modern amenities. Business travellers and leisure tourists who book their stays in these hotels also get to taste some fabulous local as well as international cuisines in their in-house multi-cuisine restaurants.

Indonesian Chicken at Spices Resturant
There are some exciting events hosted in the multi-cuisine restaurants of such hotels every year, such as, food festivals. A few among these events are held for more than a week, giving patrons a chance to choose the special items included in the menu and enjoy them with the entire family.