Friday, December 19, 2014

The delicious treats offered in restaurants of Thane

Thane has transformed itself into a city where people can have loads of entertainment and some delicious cuisines. Food joints and restaurants located at different parts of Thane, offer these delicacies on their menu for patrons. If you want to taste your favourite dishes, there would be no place better than Thane city to pamper your taste buds.
Food at Spices and Sauces Restaurant
 Some restaurants located on the outskirts of Thane are popular especially for their starters, while a few others are well-known for buffets. Mouth-watering varieties of barbeque, such as, Sig Kabab, roasted chicken, or grilled prawns served in these restaurants make for delightful treats. Some of the restaurants attract customers with crazy names given to their dishes like 'Tenzo Temple'. What comes as a surprise to many of the tourists visiting Thane are the restaurants that serve Mexican and Lebanese food.
Salad at Thane Restaurant
 One of the most famous restaurants in this city is 'Spices and Sauces', which is the in-house restaurant of Thane's only 4-star hotel, United-21. This hotel in Thane city has become extremely popular for the grand food festivals organized in its multi-cuisine restaurant, Spices and Sauces. Its elegant ambience and a menu filled with different varieties of local and other popular cuisines, sets the mood for a great dining experience.